LAB Diagnostics Nordic markets and sells products within diagnostics and laboratories, primarily for hospital and veterinary activities. The main areas besides diagnostics, biobanking and laboratory operations are automation solutions and advice on large and small laboratory projects. We often and gladly provide customized solutions for customers with specific needs.

Together with our sister companies, we have a service and support organization that consists of 14 people around Sweden, Norway and Denmark. All of our engineers have qualified expertise and knowledge in their fields.

Our head office is in Farsta, just south of Stockholm. In the head office we have our stock and financial division. We also have a sales office in Onsala outside Gothenburg.

The ClaraLab Group consists of 6 companies, all operating in the laboratory industry but with different orientations and user segments.

LAB Diagnostics

LAB Analytical Nordic work with analytical instrumentation and is official dealer for parts of Perkin Elmer’s range in Sweden and Denmark. Products from Biolin Scientific and Stanhope-Seta are also sold via Analytical.

LAB Education creates meetings, seminars and training forums for laboratory staff. The company is our partner when it comes to user meetings, further education and seminars. They also take on assignments from companies outside the group.

LAB Noax sells plastic consumables such as cans, buckets, hoses and more to the industry. It has a wide range and long experience in the sector.

LAB Norway is a reflection of LAB Sweden in Norway with a focus on cell and bacterial culture but also biochemical analyzers and autoclaves.

LAB Denmark is also a reflection of LAB Sweden in Denmark with a focus on cell and bacterial culture, biochemical analyzers and autoclaves.

LAB Sweden has since 2003 sold and serviced systems for cell and bacterial culture with associated peripherals such as biochemical analyzers and cell culture bottles. They also work extensively with autoclaves from Systec GmbH and laboratory dishwashers from Miele.

Please contact us if you want any information about our business or have questions about our products and assortment. Links to our sister companies can be found in the menu above.

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